October 23, 2017

Archives for December 2009

4 Reasons Everyone Should Own a Business

Come to an Event | Email Us | 925-285-2172 Whether or not you have a great job there are tons of reasons everyone should own and build a business. Do you really want to spend 40 years working to make your CEO rich and at the age of 65 be tossed to the retirement world. […]

The Seven Best Ways on How to Get Real Estate Investing Deals

If you are new to real estate investing, you are probably wondering “where am I going to find my first real estate deal”? There are actually a number of very effective methods you can use. Below I will touch on 7 different methods to find deals. They are a pre-foreclosure listing service, major newspapers, post […]

Real Estate Investing Via Web 2.0

Post bubble recessionary real estate investing in a networked world pretty much nails this discussion, grab your web surf board and enjoy the ride. In this article, I show you what is working in real estate today and how to use the web and automation to create stimulus you can immediately use to ride the […]

Thinking of Investing in Residential Real Estate: It's Still Location, Location, Location

Thinking of Investing in Residential Real Estate: It’s Still Location, Location, Location Remember this: land is the element of real estate that appreciates. Man-made structures begin depreciating from the day they are constructed. Think schools first. Schools are often the first consideration for first time home buyers and renters – at least 80% to 90% […]

The Art Of Real Estate Investing Is About People

Real estate investing is a wide area of learning as well as practical application of techniques in the market. You might be an experienced real estate investor but every time you realize the fact that there is still something to learn further and further. Then after a commitment of a small mistake, we repent on […]

10 Essential Tips to Buy a Home in the California San Francisco Bay Area

  When you want to buy a home in the San Francisco Bay area and you are ready to make the dream of owning your own home a reality there are a few things you should know. The process is not always easy and securing a loan from a bank or broker is much more […]

2010 – The Perfect Storm for Real Estate Investors

—————————— Guest Post By Chris Record Foreclosures have been booming around the country, and with the limited ability to get funding we have seen a surge in creative real estate investing. We have also seen the average investor lay low because of the difficulty of today’s real estate market which has presented even more deals […]

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