November 17, 2017

4 Reasons Everyone Should Own a Business

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Whether or not you have a great job there are tons of reasons everyone should own and build a business. Do you really want to spend 40 years working to make your CEO rich and at the age of 65 be tossed to the retirement world. It truly is sad that only 1% of today’s 65 year olds retire wealthy. Whether or not you build that business from home in your spare time or go full time right away the benefits of time freedom is really what everybody wants. I speak to tons of people who claim they just don’t have time because of their family or work schedule. I often wonder what that must feel like? Donald Trump has the same 24 hours in a day as you and I do, the main difference is the mind set and activities that set great business people like Donald Trump and Warren Buffet apart from the masses that spend so much of their time making other people rich. The fact is that if you desire more time freedom and options to really spend your life doing the things you love, you will need to achieve financial freedom. Money is absolutely not everything however it sure does give you options. Below are four of the main things to look for in a business that will help you achieve your time freedom.

  1. A Need – Most important there must be a real need for your products or services. There are tons of “get rich quick schemes” on the internet and late night television that sound too good to be true and promise millions with little or no effort. Let me tell you if you put forth no effort you will not receive much of a reward. When you look at business idea you must first ask “Who will benefit from what I am selling?” If it is not something you yourself would buy and use then it is probably a bad idea to try and sell it to others.
  2. Leverage – If you look at the Forbes 500 richest individuals they are ALL business owners of some kind. One of the main things that a successful business will have besides a real need for it’s product or services is leverage. As a worker or an employee you are being leveraged. What if you could decide to go on vacation and when you came home you still had the same check in your account as if you continued working? The power of a leveraged business is truly the route to financial freedom. In business the two main forms of leverage are people and time. Ask yourself who is leveraging you?
  3. Duplication – Just about every example of a million dollar company out there uses duplication. Look at McDonalds. Do you go to a McDonalds because they have the best cheeseburgers in the world? NO WAY most people go there because they know that no matter what McDonalds you go into in the entire world you will get for the most part exactly what you were expecting. McDonalds and thousands of other successful companies found a need for a product and developed a system to duplicate it almost exactly almost all the time. People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to leverage the McDonalds system through franchising. If you could leverage someone else’s great idea and duplicate it over and over again how much money could you make?
  4. Residual Passive Income – a very important part of a achieving financial freedom is receiving residual passive income. This is when you do something once and it pays you over and over and over for the rest of your life. They do it in the Insurance Industry, the Direct Sales industry and Real Estate. Barrack Obama wrote his memoir “The Audacity Of Hope” and he will get paid every time that book sells a copy for the rest of his life. It might not be much but what if you sell a lot of books? Just imagine if you did something everyday that increased your monthly income by $10 a day on a residual basis. At the end of one year you would be making $3,650 per month. What if you continued to do that same duplicated idea for 10 years? You would be making $36,500 every single month! Would a passive residual income like that allow you to quit working for somebody else?

Those are the four main reasons that everyone should build a business. As a business leader and successful real estate investor in the California Bay Area Jason Wheeler can show you several methods to start doing exactly what is described above. When Jason started out he was working part time serving tables and bartending at a local restaurant however since 2003 Jason has learned many of the methods millionaires use in order to create the success deserved by everyone. The most rewarding part is passing the knowledge on and helping those who are willing to listen and take action create massive success in business. If you would like to learn more you can do a Google search on Jason Wheeler and connect with him today.

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