November 22, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up 3/5/2010 | Success in Real Estate and Business in the CA Bay Area

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"The Weekend Wrap Up"

Presented by Jason Wheeler

As someone who is always looking to create success I enjoy bringing you articles and information that I have found extreme value in. I hope that you find them worth a look and maybe have ah ha moment when I share these with you every now and again.

Obviously this recession has hit many people very hard. In fact many would say that if you have a job at all you are one of the lucky ones. I believe that more millionaires will emerge during this time than most others in history. Successful people find a way to persevere in tough times and often rise to the top!

Here are some of the things that I can help bring to the table for you if you would like to chat or connect please don’t wait to get in touch:

  1. Traditional and non traditional funding sources for your business and Real Estate. Right now we have over 300 sources of funds that want to lend.
  2. Business ideas that can help you establish a supplemental income aside from what you are currently doing. If you have 5 hours a week we can help you get started.
  3. Networking opportunities and education for financial literacy and real estate investing. You can get started with none of your own money sometimes! I did it in 2003 and now I’m paying it forward to people like you!

Interesting Articles and Books

Below are some articles and information that I’ve come across this week that I think are worth sharing. If you agree please share them.

Video Of the Week

When I saw this video not only is it extremely entertaining but it is a great testimonial as to achieving what seems to be impossible if you are truly persistent. When you watch it you will know what I mean. These guys had to have tried to make this work countless times before it actually worked out the way you see it.

Let me know what you think and ENJOY!

Financing Trends

Here we are wrapping up Friday 3/5/2010. Mortgage rates are still extremely low. Some of the niche programs for first time buyers and tax credits are still available.

You can look at weekly rate trends Here | Popular Funding Programs

If you have financing questions, or want to learn more about what we are doing as Real Estate Investors? Or if you are looking for new income or lending sources… Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me anytime! Right now we have access to over 300 non traditional lenders looking to give you money for your real estate deal.

Real Estate Investor Events This Week!

Investor Forum in Bay Area CA RSVP Here!

This is your opportunity to learn from pros that are making local deals. If you would like to get started and work with a team of professional real estate investors you absolutely deserve to receive the information that we will be sharing this evening!

If you would like to network and learn with people who are truly creating success with Real Estate Investing in today’s market you don’t want to miss this.

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Until Next time Here is to your success! Jason Wheeler 925-285-2172


About Jason Wheeler - Real Estate & Lending

Jason Wheeler has been a top producing consultant in real estate and finance since 2003. Originating, conventional, government, portfolio and hard money loans throughout California for one of the top mortgage companies in the nation. Jason works directly with homeowners and purchases homes throughout the Bay Area with the purpose of adding value to older outdated homes. IF YOU LIKE OUR CONTENT GO VIP HERE


  1. Thoughtful post Jason. Thanks for sharing.

    Best luck to you on your quest for success!

    Real Estate Chat Guru

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