July 20, 2017

Bay Area Real Estate Financing Updates 4/9/2010 | FHA Fees Go from 1.75% to 2.25%

Hope you had a wonderful Easter Weekend and Spring Break! If you got to get away or spend some extra time with you family this week well that is what life is really all about. I am still hoping to sneak up to the snow once more before it all melts and the runs close for the year.

This week I wanted to pass along a couple of relevant articles that I hoped you would find to be valuable. Also if you would like to attend one of our events please don’t hesitate to ask me about them. They are great for networking and learning and they are FREE too!

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Relevant Articles

Details on the CA Real Estate Tax Credit were released on April 7th and you can get all the official details right here!

The rate that the government charges to insure FHA loans wend from 1.75% of the loan amount to 2.25% last week. That makes if much more expensive to get one of these loans. More Info Here!

Effective for FHA loans for which the case number is assigned on or after April 5, 2010, FHA will collect an upfront mortgage insurance premium of 2.25 percent up from the current 1.75 percent.

Financing Trends

Here we are wrapping up Friday 4/9/2010. Mortgage rates are still extremely low. Some of the niche programs for first time buyers and tax credits are still available.

You can look at weekly rate trends Here

If you have financing questions, or want to learn more about what we are doing as Real Estate Investors? Or if you are looking for new income or lending sources… Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me anytime! Right now we have access to over 300 non traditional lenders looking to give you money for your real estate deal.

Until Next time Here is to your success! Jason Wheeler 925-285-2172

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