January 23, 2018

Five Ways to Get Good Karma Everyday


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What Do You Do when You Feel Violated and Angry to Make Good Karma Come of it?

So a while ago I was enjoying a meal at a local family owned restaurant when a guy jumped up and said a car just like mine got pummeled in the parking lot. Of course the car happened to be mine! When we went out to check the damage the culprit was long gone. Naturally I was pretty pissed off when the gentleman who saw the accident happened to have the plate number and the waitress had the name of the customer who just left.

I naturally made a report and was on a mission to track down this hit and run driver. Sure enough an hour later we found her. I could have made a stink and pressed charges for hit and run but I decided that would be too much negative energy. Turns out the person that hit my car is a little 70 year old lady that was really sorry and barley knew she hit my car. Regardless she will be taking care of my car and it turns out the person that witnessed the accident may end up being a great business connection!


Exactly a week later my car was broken into in my front yard of all places. Nothing major was stolen but I was pissed! I brought myself back to thinking if I could find those punks I let em have it. Then I realized there really was no harm done. My car was not vandalized and nothing really important was lost. I found myself almost feeling sorry for the burglars. Anyway looking

back I started thinking about karma. I feel like how you react to situations like this makes a big difference how they play out. I could have called the police and spent hours of negative energy on the incident but instead I went back to work. I actually really fell great about it. These guys were unable to get to me, and I feel a lot of positive energy just because of the way I reacted to the situations.

When I spoke to people in my social networks a few referred me to a video by a country singer I never heard of called “I Pray For You” I thought it was pretty funny with the lyrics to the song.

If you ask yourself “How can I get rich?” or “How can I be rich?” If you would like to know how to be a millionaire, or if you want to become rich in other personal ways, it all starts with attracting good karma. I started thinking of ways to attract good karma everyday. Many don’t believe in karma however many believe if you do little good things daily you will naturally attract more love, happiness, prosperity, wealth and money or essentially “good karma” If you believe in it or not it’s good to do nice things daily wouldn’t you agree?

This is a funny video about getting good karma everyday!

Here are Several Ways To Create Good Karma Everyday When You’re in a Bad Situation

  1. Reacting Positive to a Negative Situation: When something horrible happens to you try really hard before overreacting and getting angry to take a deep breath and find the positive or “silver lining” in the situation. Every incident has one, you just have to find it.
  2. When you lose, don’t lose the Lesson: Every situation has a lesson as well as a silver lining. Always try to learn something and you will become a better person for it!
  3. Be Compassionate: In either situation I probably would have reacted different than the lady that hit me or the people that robbed me. However I can’t help but think of the hardships that drives people to steal or how old age effects your ability to judge a situation. Find some compassion for those that wrong you. It will make you feel great and it will probably annoy them quite a bit as well.
  4. Control Anger: For some this is very difficult but once you learn to control your anger and react with kindness you will be surprised how it will only effect you and the ones you love around you in an extremely positive way.
  5. Act With Kindness Everyday: It’s hard to not get caught up in the daily grind. Make a conscious effort to do something nice for someone everyday! Open a door for someone, look for opportunities to be of service to people with no reward and rewards will naturally find you.

So I really wanted to ask you what have kind of experiences have you had with karma and reacting in situations that are natural to feel very angry in. Please leave me a comment I’d love to hear your stories.

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  1. Sharon Otness Foot says:

    I think about that almost daily now. How I act to others defintely reflects on how others act towards me. I am so tired of negative energy as well. simply not worth it, not that I can't get a good “mad-on” once in a while…

  2. Glad you like the article Sharon! Thanks so much for contributing with a comment. I've found that the tips I talk about in this article truly make a huge difference in your energy and how others respond to you. We all get mad sometimes but how we respond to those feelings could make a huge difference.

  3. Romaica says:

    It's not easy, controlling anger, but I really try. The other day an old lady wasn't very nice to me at the gym and I didn't answer back. Although part of me was angry at myself for not answering back, but the other part said, “hey she's an old lady, why waste your energy on petty things”.
    If only more people would thing the same way, the world would be a better place.

  4. Romaica,

    One thing that I have found that makes a big difference is when someone is rude or angry at you. Do or say something really nice to them right away.

    Offer to help or give a complement. Often it make the offender stop in their tracks and realize how rude they have been and you never know what might happen next. Try it!

  5. Good article. I've been battling bad karma forever and I'm drained. Seems like bad luck is around me every day. Perfect example back in '06 I was dating a great young woman and had great job. I've put a lot of effort into both and I was never more happier. All of sudden the girl leaves me for no reason and lose my job on the same week. I know bad things happen for a reason but no more around me suffers more bad karma than I. The hardest thing for me is to be positive because bad things always happen even if I don't think about it.

  6. Sorry to hear about your issue. The best thing I would suggest is to watch what you think about… If you always expect bad things to happen you will likely attract them to your reality. Hope things start to get better for you. One thing that really might help you and helped me a lot is a free course on getting what you want. You can find it at.


    I really hope ti helps you. Another thing that might help is a quick watch of this video. It always helps me when I'm feeling like quiting. http://www.jasonwheeler.biz/gi

  7. Have things started to get better for you lately? I hope so.

  8. Alain Nacouzi says:

    I really really liked this article. I shared it with my mastermind group. Thank you so much. Great video too by the way. Keep up the great work!

  9. Thanks for sharing this @6e589daa6bcc922b7ab80e0e5ef7ab1b:disqus  I like the lighthearted video.

  10. can you please tell me what the boy says to the coach at the end of the video…i cant understand him…thank you

  11. The boy clarifies that he actually weighs 160lbs not 140lbs.

  12. thank you !

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