November 17, 2017

Jason Wheeler Recommends… Lexington Law for the Best in Affordable Credit Repair

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For years I’ve been referring all my clients with credit issues to Lexington Law firm. There are a ton of companies out there that claim to repair your credit however my main problem is that most of them charge what I believe to be very unreasonable, sometimes upwards of $3,000 in up front fees without making any promises and without really doing any real work. Lexington Law is different in that they take a better approach and the result if you follow the program have been great for virtually every client I’ve sent there that chooses to follow the program for nine months to a year at least.

Here are a few reasons you should choose Lexington Law to help you repair your credit.


  • Affordable monthly fees with no up front charges and contracts!
  • Easy to communicate with and great results.
  • Proven success track record and they do all the work for you!


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The only reason I choose to recommend this company over so many others that are available, is because every client I’ve sent there that has done what Lexington says to do, has achieved the projected results. There is no better bang for your buck if you need to improve your credit rating or have un wanted items removed from your report in a timely manner through a legitimate law firm.

Legal, effective credit report repair

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  1. Just had a client go from 500 credit score to a 720 in the course of 9 months with this company! Now my client is qualified for some of the best loans in the market.

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