January 23, 2018

Is Social Media a Fad? Welcome to the World of Socialnomics

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So do you think social media is a fad? Are you running a business without a good social media campaign? If the answer to this is yes than you are throwing away a fortune of leads, clients, and customers no matter what your business is!

I talk to people all the time about using social media and the internet in order to market your business. The fact is that many business owners are very resistant to using social media as a key part of their marketing strategy. Rather than trying to convince your to get involved watch this quick fact filled video on the direction of our economy!

Here is what Soren Gordhamer says on how our lives have changed because of social media… It is hard to know sometimes how our life has changed until we stop for a moment and look at how different it is from ten or even five years ago. In recent years social media, likely more than anything else, has significantly impacted most of our daily lives. Envisioning the global conversation that has developed over the past few years because of tools like Facebook and Twitter might have been unimaginable for most people at the beginning of this decade.



But social media communication tools have profoundly changed our lives and how we interact with one another and the world around us. Here are the top areas that social media has affected in our daily lives… Read More Here

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