July 22, 2017


One of my all time favorite inspiring clips… Whenever I fell down for any reason… This one gets me almost every time.

It’s a great reminder.

This inspiring video from Facing the Giants was shown to me for the first time a few years back when I was in a Real Estate Investing Seminar and it has always really resonated with me. It might seem kind of corny to listen to old one liners and inspiring videos and quotes but this motivational football clip always makes me feel ready to take on the world! Enjoy and PLEASE Share this with the button above!

If you like this inspiring video from Facing the Giants or have one of your own favorites please leave me a comment and share the link to your video below!


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  1. Ceara Kennerly says:

    Thanks for sharing this inspirational video…I first saw this when I was attending a leadership program and our team had not made our declaration. We watched this clip and were rejuvenated.

    I just shared this video with my 11 year old son who has been struggling with his first year of middle school. After we watched this together, I got a call from his Math teacher who was all too happy to report that Justin has brought his grade up from an F to a C! I think he’s really pumped up now!

    Thanks again!
    Ceara Kennerly

  2. Thanks for sharing your story Ceara! Glad you enjoyed it!

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