August 23, 2017

Ever Wonder How To Merge PDF Files? This Free Merge Tool is Great If you need to Mix Pdf Files

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Quality Printing for Less at PrintRunner.comSo have you ever had a folder full of tons of different pdf files that you would like to merge into one. Being in the mortgage business we receive tons of pdf files and I was looking for a great tool that does this and found that you really need some expensive software to do it. Not anymore! I found this great web based software that does it for FREE!

Go To The Merge PDF Site Here

My fellow internet entrepreneur Chris Pirillo made a video on how the different uses for this site can really come in handy. If you ever need to merge a bunch of pdf files use this tool. Anyone in the Mortgage or Real Estate business will find this really useful as well as just anyone that manages large folders with multiple pdfs. Share this if it is useful!


Go To The Merge PDF Site Here




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  1. I tried the link, and it quite user friendly. However, the combined docs as a new merged one, were 800+ KB, versus about 100KB for the three individual pdfs. I have fewer docs, but takes more storage…hmmm…. Dennis

  2. I think this tool would be best not so much for storage but if you need to upload a lot of files to a server or something.

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