January 23, 2018

Archives for February 2011

5 Tips When Finding a Lender. What is the Difference Between a Retail Direct Lender and a Wholesale Mortgage Broker in the CA Bay Area?

Posted by Jason Wheeler | Subscribe Lately I’ve had a lot of questions and concerns from clients and Realtors in the CA Bay Area real estate market place about the difference between a "Direct Lender" a "Retail Lender" and a "Wholesale Broker" What are the main differences and benefits of working with one or the […]

Why is Getting a Financial Mortgage Review is Like Going to the Dentist? Bay Area Financing can be a “Pain”

Posted by Jason Wheeler | New here? Read our feed Getting a financial review or a Mortgage Review is kind of like going to the dentist… Nobody likes going to the dentist, and nobody likes getting teeth pulled and poked at. However if you DON’T get that check up at least twice a year the […]

Continue to Rent or Be Grown up? Five Reasons you Should Buy A Home This Year in the CA Bay Area

 Guest Post by Laurie Berry | New here? Read our feed Continue Renting or Be A Grown Up? So you have a stable job and decent credit. Why are you paying money to live in someone else’s home? DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Right now interest rates for home loans are low. Lowest rates in 40 years! […]

History of the Superbowl | Most Popular Super Bowl Ads 2011 | All Superbowl History Since the Begining in 1968

Posted by Jason Wheeler | New here? Read our feed Super Bowl Ads and Commercials always get such a buzz. Here are some of my favorites over the years. What is your favorite superbowl add. Leave a comment or paste the you tube link in the comments section Below.       Recap of all […]

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