December 11, 2017

29 Simple Steps and Triggers that Will Double Your Production

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So a little while ago I got an email from millionaire entrepreneur that I follow online. This offer was just too good to pass up. Up until May 17 these 29 audio segments are going to be completely free. You can download them, put them on your iPod or whatever. If you are in sales or Real Estate you don’t want to pass up this source of free education. I’ve gotten some great nuggets from these recordings.

In these rare audio recordings, Joe Sugarman explains in great detail each of his 29 “Psychological Triggers” and how he used them to sell over 20,000,000 pairs of BluBlocker sunglasses.

Why are we giving these recordings away? Because we want the chance to tell you about something even more amazing:

The Lost Sugarman Tapes

  • A laughably simple “involvement device” Joe used in an ad that tripled sales (and how you easily can apply this concept to virtually every ad or sales piece you create).
  • How Joe used one of his Triggers to recover from a disastrous blunder on live television. He actually ended up selling more because of the blunder, and you will too (if you know this trick).
  • How to have your prospects so eager to buy that they will actually feel guilty if they don’t, using this subtle trick.
  • Bonus: the ad Joe wrote that sold more computers in a single day, than a neighboring computer store sold all year. (yours coming soon if you opt-in on the right)
  • More and more … (prepare to have your mind blown over the next two weeks)

Step 1: Check out the “The Lost Sugarman Tapes” and how you can be one of the only people given access to them …

Step 2: Click play button we send you to learn Joe Sugarman’s Psychological Triggers listed below.

Introduction to Joe Sugarman’s Psychological Triggers

Psychological Trigger #1: Consistency

Psychological Trigger #2: Product Nature

Psychological Trigger #3: Prospect Nature

Psychological Trigger #4: Objection Raising

Psychological Trigger #5: Objection Resolution

Psychological Trigger #6: Involvement

Psychological Trigger #7: Integrity

Psychological Trigger #8: Storytelling

Psychological Trigger #9: Authority

Psychological Trigger #10: Proof of Value

Psychological Trigger #11: Emotion

Psychological Trigger #12: Justify with Logic

Psychological Trigger #13: Greed

Psychological Trigger #14: Credibility

Psychological Trigger #15: Satisfaction Conviction

Psychological Trigger #16: Linking

Psychological Trigger #17: Desire to Belong

Psychological Trigger #18: Desire to Collect

Psychological Trigger #19: Sense of Urgency

Psychological Trigger #20: Exclusivity

Psychological Trigger #21: Simplicity

Psychological Trigger #22: Guilt

Psychological Trigger #23: Specificity

Psychological Trigger #24: Familiarity

Psychological Trigger #25: Patterning

Psychological Trigger #26: Hope

Psychological Trigger #27: Curiosity

Psychological Trigger #28: Harmonize

Psychological Trigger #29: Mental Engagement

Psychological Trigger #30: Honesty

Download The Lost Sugarman Tapes Here

Until Next time Here is to your success! Jason Wheeler

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