January 23, 2018

Discover Six Figure Business Sales Blueprint Tips


During my years in business I’ve been lucky to find some great success and have great mentors.  I’ve learned a ton and the following pages are my way of trying my best to give back!

This posting is PACKED with real value that anyone can use to start a business today but only if you hustle and use it!

I am offering this information in hopes that we might connect, and that you might start living your dreams.  If I can help just one person do that, then this is a success.  It would be great if I can help one person make six figures out of college.The following is an outline of exactly what I did to get started in my lending business and how I’ve successfully marketed it.

Since then I’ve started several side business and created several streams of income using the tools in the following pages.If you apply yourself for a few hours a day and follow all the steps in this posting you can make and extra few hundred dollars every month or an extra few thousand.  You may even become one of the few people making six figures a year.  The Sky is the limit, and this page is full of six figure sales tips.

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What do I mean by ONLY IF YOU HUSTLE?  What do you think of when someone says the word “hustle?” Some people think of a scam artist or someone deceitful.  This is far from the truth.  If you look up the definition you will find that To Hustle Means:

1. To move or act energetically and rapidly: We hustled to get dinner ready on time.
2. To push or force one’s way.
3. To act aggressively, especially in business dealings.

Basically there is no silver bullet or blueprint that will work unless you work it.  So if you commit to hustle and spend time every day on what I tell you then you will be able to spend more time with your family and take a well-deserved vacation! But Only if You Hustle!

Some Favorite Resources Covered in this Posting

iContact | BNI | Empower Network | Simple-ology | ODesk Outsourcing


Dare to DreamWhat is the definition of your Dream?

What would it mean to you if you could wake up without an alarm, sleep in an extra hour, never again sit in rush hour traffic?

Maybe you want to travel a bit more and see the world.

Or maybe your dream is a bit simpler than that.  Maybe you would just like to spend an extra few hours with your kids or be available to pick them up for school.

Whatever the reason…

I know you can achieve these goals with a bit of commitment, guidance and teamwork, and I am committed to helping you achieve more time freedom if you are committed to getting it!

The reason I wrote this is to help you achieve the most important currency…  More FREE TIME.

It really is attainable if you are willing to take action and create some good positive habits.

My main goal in you reading these pages is to inspire you and provide you with a few good nuggets that you can use to start your dream and maybe even work with you as a team to achieve more free time to do what you truly love and are passionate about.

If you want to know who I am and where I came from…

1978 – 1989: I feel like I couldn’t have been luckier than to have the chance to grow up in the San Francisco Bay Area suburb of Pleasant Hill CA.  A quiet town but close to any action you could want such as, a night in the city, hanging on the beach or taking a trip to the mountains to hit the snow.  I truly could not have been blessed with a better set of parents, two older brothers and later a little sister.

Growing up I watched my Dad go to work every day and he worked hard, he seemed to always do pretty well as he was the business owner and he liked to hustle.  I was lucky enough to always have my mom at home as I was growing up and it really meant a lot to me.

At a young age the concept of business interested me.  I would mow lawns for neighbors by the age of 7 and when I was 9 I had a paper route that I had to deliver on 7 days a week for about $60 every month in order to buy the newest video game or trinket.  I learned a lot about responsibility from that paper route because I had to carry those papers 7 days a week rain or shine even on Christmas Morning!

1992 – 2003: By the time I was 15 I fell into the Restaurant business through some friends at school.  I was washing dishes and bussing tables 4 nights a week for minimum wage plus tips.  The concept of saving and investing was introduced to me early by my grandfather and as soon as I turned 18 I began investing in the stock market where I learned many hard lessons, with my own money.  By the time I was 21 I had been completely through the restaurant business from dish washing to cooking, waiting tables, bartending and finally managing and building a well-known, popular corporate restaurant in the Concord area.  I was working 40 plus hours per week for about $40,000 per year all while putting myself through college at Cal State Hayward as a Finance major.

In 2003 I was just a few credits away from graduating and getting my Bachelor’s Degree from a College in the CA Bay Area when I showed up to work and the locks were changed.

Upon entering the building that day, my superior manager (whom I helped train) presented me with a separation form that simply read

“The company wishes to execute the at will employment policy”

With no explanation I was let go after five years of successfully building the company only to be directly replaced by someone who I personally had trained, and was also getting paid much less than me.

I wonder why I was let go…  Looking back getting let go from that job was the best thing that ever happened to me for one reason.

I vowed to NEVER let anyone fire me again, and build my own future!  I’m glad I learned this lesson at the young age of 23.

2003 – 2007: Unemployed, upset and just a few credits away from graduating I couldn’t afford my last semester of college and was not willing to go into debt with a student loan.  I was determined not to ask my parents for money as I’ve always had a huge problem with that.

Dropping my college agenda was a very hard thing for me to do.   Many still ask me why I don’t finish if I’m just a few credits away.

My answer is I don’t need to finish!

What I’ve learned since this time in my life has been 10 fold in the business world.  Education does not have to be a college degree.

I found that through following your passion and committing to learning new things every day is much more valuable than what they teach you in college.

Don’t get me wrong as I advocate college and a great school education but I always like to point out that some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs were drop outs, college is not your only option after high school.  Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Michael Dell, and Steve Jobs are just a few successful drop outs that come to the front of my mind.

Shortly after getting laid off and searching for my next move, I found a mentor that showed me how to get involved in Real Estate Business Networking and Mortgage Financing.  Without hesitation I decided to put school off and I got my Real Estate License for California.

Over the next six months I learned the ins and outs of real estate lending and started having more financial success than I had ever had helping people buy real estate and restructure their financing.

After a few six figure years the Real Estate crash in 2007 came quick and hit harder than anyone expected.  In 2007 I was scrambling to learn how to continue to make money in Real Estate and continue to be successful.

2007 – Present:  I always knew you can make money in real estate in any market and I was determined to capitalize in a market where the media and the masses were screaming for the hills.  I got involved with a group of local real estate investors and grabbed onto a mentor who was making upwards of $50,000 per month through real estate investing, and marketing.  I did my best to grab onto his coat tails, and believe me did he move fast…  I did a lot of work without being paid a regular wage; in return I learned everything I could, as he had obviously become successful for a reason.

I tried to mimic my mentors and learned by watching and serving. (They say if you want something find someone who has exactly what you want and do exactly what they did)  I learned to leverage things like social media and the internet to build my business and I’ve used my real estate lending business as my main vehicle for financial success while implementing several other projects behind it.

I currently live comfortable in the town I grew up in Pleasant Hill California.  Although I know I still have a lot of growing to do… I am involved with several business partnerships and endeavors.   Real Estate Lending remains my main vehicle for income and I am passionate about internet marketing, networking and personal growth.

I wake up when I want to, work when I want to, and never sit in commute traffic.  I recently married my dream girl, and I am looking forward to a family someday soon.

My Promise if you Choose to Take Massive Action

I’m sharing information with you because you are willing to make some effort, hustle and grab somebody’s coat tails…

Maybe mine if we make a good fit!

You can achieve the success you’ve been looking for and create more financial and time freedom than you ever imagined if you follow the simple steps outlined in the following.

If you follow these simple steps outlined here you will launch yourself and your business!   More doors will open for you than you can imagine, and your journey can start here!


Getting Started Five Steps to Money

Getting started is often the hardest part no matter what you are working on.  Most times if you enjoy what you are doing once you get started the entire project will just start to flow.

They say that the first step is a doozie, but really it comes down to how badly you want to change your current situation.

If you are content and comfortable with what you have you likely will not make any changes.  You must have an overwhelming desire for more than what you have!


1. Know Your Why and Your Burning Desire

Before you embark on any business endeavor the first and most important thing according the Napoleon Hill who wrote the best seller classic “Think and Grow Rich” (if you have not read this buy it today and read it now) is an overwhelming DESIRE.  You must have a desire to have more and grow on many levels.

You also must know your WHY.  Your why is what gets you out of bed in the morning.  For some discovering your why can be a huge challenge.  For others they know what it is right away.  Before moving on, know WHY you are doing it.

2. Do What you Love Doing

Finding a business is simple.  Do what you love, be passionate and do it well, most of all you have to know why you are doing it.  One of the most successful entrepreneurs I know of started a blog online about wine.

Many people I know have had success in real estate.  My main business endeavors have also been in Real Estate Lending because I’ve been passionate about it and I love what Real Estate can do to create more time freedom.

I especially love the feeling you get when you help someone else achieve their goals of homeownership!

The fact is you can take any subject and make a significant income leveraging the internet and other people’s products or services on sites like Clickbank.com and Commission Junction.

You don’t really need to have inventory or create your own products to get started.  You will learn about this when you study sites like Clickbank.

Most of the successful people I know make their living leveraging other people’s products and services.  You can even make money with products and services that you use and love yourself.  The fact is whether you sell insurance, invest in real estate, or make jewelry you can turn it into a lucrative business.

3. Passion for Growth and Development

Learning and growing is essential to creating the success you deserve.  Education does not end with high school or college.

You should always be learning growing and coached by a mentor or partner who has already achieved what you desire.  Once you find your passion, and discover your why, you must find a mentor!  If you don’t know where to find a mentor today, one of my favorite places to get started is by looking into Empower Network

There are many resources to get started in personal development.

I recommend starting with Simpleology.

You could end up spending thousands of dollars on personal development alone, but you don’t need a lot of money in order to get started.  I learned to turn my car into a university on wheels a long time ago, by always listening to an educational CD or Motivational Speaker.

Turn off the news or radio and listen to a CD that will create some motivation and passion in your life.  If you spend two hours a day in your car and use that time with positive information that will help you grow every day! Imagine the things that are possible.

I also learned long ago that… Readers are succeed ers!  Turn that TV off and stop filling your head with negative news every evening.  Spend an hour a day filling your mind with new ideas and knowledge.   You don’t have to cut out TV all together but I challenge you to log the time you spend with the TV on.  For most Americans it is upward of 6 hours a day.  Can you imagine what would be possible if you used that time for something else?

Below are my top recommendations on getting started with your personal development.  Sign up for these services and read these books right away!

  1. Simple-ology 101– The best value in personal development I have ever found!  It’s FREE!

  2. Empower Network – This network is hands down the best source for learning to market a product or business online and you can join for free and learn from a millionaire that has done it.

  3. Think and Grow Rich – The best book for starting out fresh in wealth

  4. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – This book will show you how to eliminate time wasting activities and focus on production.

  5. Richest Man in Babylon – This book is full of great fun to read “stories” that relate to finance and personal development. Good one to get a teen involved with personal development too.

  6. The Greatest Secret In the World – A good blueprint for keeping your mind set on the right track.

4. The Right Vehicle to Reach Your Goals

Plane vs CarIf you are riding a tricycle, would you be able to beat a Ferrari to the same destination?  Of course not!  If you made the trip at all you would likely be battered and bruised!

In order to create wealth you must be able to make money with your business in any market. Choose a business that you can make money at in any conditions.

If you are having trouble finding a business that you are confident you can make money in during any market cycle, get in touch with me and I would be happy to share a few ideas with you and see if we can find a good fit that would work for your current situation.  You can get in touch with me any time at on my Social Networks anytime and we can get a few ideas going for you..

5. Set your goals and then GET THEM!

Have you ever set goals for yourself and watched them pass you by? I used to do this all the time, until I learned that a goal without a time frame is truly no goal at all.

Commit to your goals and keep this sheet somewhere that you will see it every single day!  I also recommend hanging a dry erase white board in your office and visiting it every day with daily activities that will keep you accountable and on task.  Share your goals with your spouse or business partner in order to keep you accountable and on task!

I use this personal development system and this goal setting worksheet.  Download it here for free and begin using it today!

Building a BusinessMarketing Your Business

How will you get the word out for your new business?  You must create a business plan and a marketing plan.  You can do this on a cocktail napkin if you want, but have a plan.  Never write your plan in ink.

By that I mean be ready to change and adapt your business and marketing plan as the market changes and as conditions change for your business.

Throughout my career I’ve built my business with two basic strategies that absolutely work… but they only work if you work them!

Below are my top tips on getting started with professional networking and social media.  These two mediums of marketing are the best for two main reasons.

They are both FREE!  And both of these strategies are not fads, professional networking and social media will be here to stay as long as you need people for your business and the internet exists.  Do you think the internet will be disappearing any time soon?

Person to Person Networking how to do it Effectively


Creating referrals will be the lifeblood of your business and they are also the easiest leads to close because they already know and trust you on a good warm recommendation.
First think you must do when learning to network is to talk about your business and develop what I call an “Elevator Pitch” Learn to explain what you do and who you are looking for in about ten seconds.

When I first got started in business I wanted to get out and join a networking organization that was recommended to me.

The problem was the group was a one person per profession group in order to eliminate competition.  Many would have just given up but starting from scratch I created my own weekly referral group with BNI… within two years the group became a premier chapter that passed over one million dollars’ worth of business every year for the members.

If you are in business the best way to learn to talk about your business is to get out to as many networking events as possible.  Below are the best resources for getting started building your face to face network and getting the word out about your business.

I recommend going to as many events as possible and getting heavily involved with at least two organizations such as Rotary, your local Chamber of Commerce or BNI.

Using Social Media

In the last few years almost 60% of my new business that was not directly referred originated from social media and the internet!

Using Social Media for Business

If you leave this medium of marketing on the table you are truly a fool!  The key is to make as many local quality connections as you can and turn them in to real face to face meetings and relationships.  Below are my initial tips to get you started with your professional online brand.

All of these steps are easy to implement and ANYONE can do it!

One thing I recommend is that you set yourself up to learn fast.  When I got started I tried to learn everything on my own.

Since then I’ve learned to not go it alone but find someone that is super successful and learn from them.


Here are My Top Learning Sources for the Best Value…

  1. Empower Network: Sign up for this service today!  It is free to join and you will be learning from a proven six figure income earner.  If you do exactly as Mack Michaels teaches you will make money with his system no matter what business or products you are promoting.  You will also avoid making a ton of mistakes like I did.
  2. Simple-ology: When I first got started in business this is one of the first courses I took.  The price was right (FREE) and the value is immeasurable.  If you are serious about creating a serious income with your business you need to sign up for Simple-ology now!

Using Social Media For BusinessBranding Yourself Online with Social Media

In this section I will talk about three main systems and sites that work together and will launch your brand.  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and your own personal Blog are the best ways to reach out and brand yourself.

Everyone is on Facebook and Twitter but only a few have their own blog.  Your blog will act as a main hub for all of your marketing, and your brand, your Twitter and Facebook page will keep you in touch with clients and colleagues while driving traffic to your main site.  I am so passionate about you doing this that I would be happy to set you us with a FREE Word Press blog.

I have only been blogging since around 2008 and my site pays me a stream of passive income that continues to grow every month.  It also is the main hub that connects me with new clients and partners.

Email Marketing is also a must.  The fact is everyone checks email now, Email is FREE and easy to send.  There are many to choose from and I have tried many of them.  I recommend using iContact as it is the easiest to use and get going and it has some great features that many other email platforms do not have.

Sign up for a FREE trial of iContact and do it today.

Building your email list will be the key to your marketing success.  To build your list fast you will need to give away something of real value like an EBook or something.  If you have not written an EBook you can give mine away!

You can also give away a classic that people want to read like I did with “Think and Grow Rich”

Get a Facebook Fan page set up once you have your business going.  There is a very good reason that every major business has a fan page and a twitter account.  Most important ENGAGE with your readers and your offer as much value as possible for free and they will want to pay your for the service you provide.  The absolute best place I’ve found for beginners to create and effective fan page is Lujure Assembly Line

Sign up for these services today the value is immeasurable!

I’m happy to answer your questions personally about how to get things set up.  You can contact me personally anytime on my blog or with email.  You can post a question on my blog or get in touch with me anytime.  Aside from talking to me personally, the main thing I recommend for learning the ins and out of social media is to take these steps.

  1. Get your Blog Set up and post on it AT LEAST once or twice a week!
  2. Sign up for Google: Search for local Blogs on the subject that you are in business for on Google and Twitter Search.  Subscribe to blogs you find value in with the RSS and add them to your Google Reader.  Make at least 10 comments a day on sites and blogs related to your brand and share your site link on these sites.  Repeat!
  3. Get a Facebook Page set up
  4. Set up an Email Marketing Account and get an easy
  5. Set up a set of Squeeze Pages to funnel people into your blog space and your brand.
  6. Work on Branding and getting your Blog to rank high on Google and other search engines… In this video I show how I rank on Google

Ask questions and make comments on blog posts that interest you.

Do this every day over and over and you will learn TONS and make countless new connections.  This is exactly how I got started.

I also recommend reading the book “Crush It” by Gary VanderChuk he outlines how it made his wine business a multi-million dollar company using social media.

If you would like more targeted attention to this subject you can join our List and we will let you know about Social Media Learning Events online.

Daily Habits and 4 Commitments

Once you have your business up and your blog working with your other social networks Time for some daily habits.  Og Mandino says great habits lead to great results.  Pick up his book and read it today!

This is what I did every day when I got started.

  1. Commit to talking to at least 10 people per day about your business.  Ask if you can send them information and add them to your email list.  Five days a week that’s 50 contacts every week.  If you don’t have anyone to contact here are my favorite places to search for new prospects to call and connect with.
  1. Reference USA
  2. Local Chamber of Commerce
  3. Events and Seminars
  1. Commit to a blog schedule.  Once a week or once a day post content on your site on a regular basis.  If you have nothing to blog about find a cool inspirational video on YouTube and share it on your site.  Commit to spending a bit of time each day comments and interacting online.  (be careful not to get stuck wasting time staring at pictures and talking about the night out with friends)  Focus your time to be productive and make real valuable new connections.  Remember get your blog set up here

  2. Attend as many business mixers, seminars related to your business and other public events where you can see the people, learn new things and make new connections.  Check your local Chamber of Commerce call them and ask about events.  Get involved and volunteer with your business community and it will pay off 10 fold!  I recommend looking for a local BNI meeting if you are brand new to networking!

  3. Commit to at least 3 face to face meetings with prospects and business partners every week.  This is where the money is truly made.  Once you get good at making appointments and prospecting you can start your own weekly event.  For instance every week we market and promote educational events in our office.  We average 40 people to the event.  If you can get your information in front of that many people you WILL be successful.

Moving Forward Now

If you still need some ideas for a business please get in touch with me.  I have a ton of ideas how you can make money… Remember the main thing is that you must be passionate about the products and services you are talking to people about.

Now that you have your business and habits in place get to work.  The first person you should contact about your business ideas should be… ME.  If any of the information in the last ten pages had helped you I’d love to hear from you with a comment below or Facebook or even a phone call.

Also… please share this posting with your friends and share the pdf ebook version with This Link.

Post it on Facebook and Twitter; give it away to people once you get your blog set up.

Share it for free with your friends and provide value to them.  The more value you provide the more likely people will work with you!

As you can see you can get started with your business for very little money and just a bit of effort.  How would your life change you made and extra $1,000 every month?  What if you could build this to make $10,000 every month!

Stay positive and approach every day with a can do attitude.  If you wake up and you are not feeling your best or you don’t think you can do it… Watch this video. I’ve shared this one before but it is one of my all time favorites and it always puts me in a mood to do my best!

Follow the very easy steps in this posting and get started today!
Ready Set…  GO HUSTLE NOW!


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Jason Wheeler has been a top producing consultant in real estate and finance since 2003. Originating, conventional, government, portfolio and hard money loans throughout California for one of the top mortgage companies in the nation. Jason works directly with homeowners and purchases homes throughout the Bay Area with the purpose of adding value to older outdated homes. IF YOU LIKE OUR CONTENT GO VIP HERE


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