July 22, 2017

Loan Denied by Wells Fargo, Chase or Bank of America? I Can Likely Still Help You

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Things sure have been busy the past few months with a major refinance boom happening. In the past three months I’ve been able to several people refinance thier home and save a ton of money. If you have not asked me about my lending options you should. Even if you’ve been turned down by banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Chase. I may still be able to help you.

  • Refi in Concord CA for a Retired Individual dropped her rate 2% and saved her over $600/month
  • I helped a couple get out of thier double loan delema and got them one Jumbo Loan at 3.875% on a 15 Year.
  • I helped a gentlmen in Pleasant Hill who was upside down on thier house qualify for a special loan up to 125% of thier homes value.

According to the Wall Street Jounal there is another lending re vamp planned by the Obama Administration

Federal regulators on Monday unveiled a major overhaul of an underused mortgage-refinance program designed to help millions of Americans whose home values have tumbled.

The plan is the latest White House effort to deal with one of the most critical impediments to economic recovery—a stagnant housing market caused in part by a surfeit of homeowners who are unable to refinance.

The overhaul will, among other things, let borrowers refinance regardless of how far their homes have fallen in value, eliminating previous limits. That could open up refinancing to legions of borrowers in Nevada, Arizona, Florida, California and elsewhere who are …

Offering programs like:

We have the ability to offer what many brick and mortar banks simply cannot. Call or Email Us now for a Quick Approval and Personalized Quote 925-285-2172


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