July 22, 2017

2 Simple Steps to Make Easy Money with Facebook on Your Birthday


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Would you be surprised if I told you that making quick easy money with Facebook on your birthday is really simple!

Of any day of the year I’ll bet you get more traffic, comments and views to your Facebook page every year on that special day that is your birthday. Why not give yourself a present and make a bit of cash from the free traffic you get on face book on your birthday?


It really is super easy! Obviously if you have an opportunity, affiliate product or a service that you would like to advertise and get massive traffic to there is a really simple way to do it on your birthday just by using two easy steps. I experimented with this strategy this year and got some massive traffic and made a bit of money too.

Step 1 is to disable the wall…

or at least make it so others can’t see those tons of “happy birthday” messages you get on your page every year.

In order to disable the wall and make it so others can’t see all the useless posts simply go to the up right corner to

  1. HOME ==>
  2. Privacy Settings ==>
  3. Edit Settings under “How You Connect” and just click “Only Me” on the last options.

See the Facebook screen shot below and see how to turn it off.

Step 2… Add the Content you Want to Advertise!

Now that your posts from others can only be seen by you it is very simple to post an add or any content that you would like to promote to your entire database on Facebook. I experimented with a post about my birthday… it’s funny how much people WANT to help you out on your birthday or basically do whatever you say on your birthday.

Check out the tons of “likes” and comments I received on the content that I posted that day. All I did was create a quick article on my blog that I got set up for free and I checked back the day after my birthday… In just one day I had a ton of Facebook “shares” plus quite a few re tweets as well.


Here is the content I posted to make money with Facebook on my birthday…

check it out I had a ton of Facebook likes and comments that day!

So there you have it!! That is all you really have to do in order to make a bit of extra cash on your birthday with Facebook. Heck It’s YOUR birthday… the only day of the year it’s okay to be a bit obnoxious and self absorbed right? Why not make some money with your Facebook profile on your birthday too?


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