August 22, 2017

Video: Seasoned Bay Area Mortgage Broker Talks About Rates, Pricing Loan Programs and Educational Recources

In this quick tutorial training I talk about the most common Bay Area Mortgage questions.

As a Mortgage Broker since 2003 in the CA Bay Area I get a ton of questions on a regular daily basis.

I wanted to put together a quick off the cuff non scripted training for people in the CA Bay Area that are considering to buy Real Estate or applying for a Mortgage Loan. When you start doing your research you can quickly become overwhelmed with false information or get caught giving your info to a site that is non trustworthy that may sell your contact info to a ton of different lenders.

In this quick presentation I cover three main topics

Most Popular Questions for Bay Area Mortgage Brokers

What is the difference between a Mortgage Broker or a Mortgage Banker?

What are the most common loan programs?

What are some niche products for people that don’t fit in the lending box with a traditional lender in the CA Bay Area.

And last I wanted to share a few ideas and resources for your research and getting connected with a real estate or mortgage professional in your area that can help you make decisions and point you in the right direction given your financial situation.

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About Jason Wheeler - Real Estate & Lending

Jason Wheeler got started with in the Real Estate & Mortgage Lending business in 2003. Since then Jason has become a top producer for one of the largest, most well respected Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers in the industry, producing quality loans in California, and helping countless families with their home purchases and sale. For fun... Jason loves being outdoors and writing important tips on his blog (what you are reading now) and hangs with his wife kids and dog. IF YOU LIKE THIS CONTENT GO VIP HERE


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