February 21, 2017


Check out this video training where I demonstrate side by side in real time against my stiffest competition.  I will almost always out price my competitors on any given day.


I’ve been a bay area mortgage broker since 2003

Although it seems you always hear ads on the TV and radio on how LOW mortgage interest rates are the fact is that here at the then of 2012 mortgage pricing truly IS the lowest of the low.

In the video below I take a few minutes to talk about some of the most important consumer questions I get on a regular basis about mortgage rates.

Bay Area Mortgage Broker Video Training on Rates and Pricing Trends

Skip ahead to the five minute mark to see how I compare to the “Big Banks” in real time.


Bay Area Mortgage Broker on Interest Rate Trends

As a consumer the best thing you can do to look at rate trend charts is keep track of the 10 year bond.

Anyone can track this bond on Yahoo Finance and it is pretty easy to see what general direction rates are headed at any given time.

Keep yourself educated and if you are processing a loan keep an eye on this daily and consult with your Bay Area Mortgage Broker on when the best time to lock in your rates will be.

Bay Area Mortgage Rates? How Do I Get the Best Rate On a Loan?

As a “Mortgage Broker” what the main difference is that I can shop many different lenders and fit you into many different lending boxes.

This is way different than a traditional big bank as they only have their programs and loans to fit you into.

I can also bring some really value to you as a consumer since I can shop over 60 of the largest and smallest lenders that are in the mortgage industry at ANY given time.

In my video I show you in real time how I beat out my competition on a regular basis when it comes to mortgage rate trends pricing and interest rates.

Mortgage Broker Services Are Top Notch Compared to Others

I don’t pay sales people I don’t have a huge office overhead and I don’t manage hundreds of loans at once.

What we do is offer imbecile consumer services where we are available on a regular basis. We keep you updated on the process and offer the best that entire industry has to offer.

Mortgage Rates Are Low NOW What?

Reach out to us today!

Get your questions answered… TODAY.

The time to get involved and buy or refinance your real estate has NEVER been more attractive than it is today.

We will make the process easy for you.


About Jason Wheeler - Real Estate & Lending

Jason Wheeler got started with in the Real Estate & Mortgage Lending business in 2003. Since then Jason has become a top producer for one of the largest, most well respected Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers in the industry, producing quality loans in California, and helping countless families with their home purchases and sale. For fun... Jason loves being outdoors and writing important tips on his blog (what you are reading now) and hangs with his wife kids and dog. IF YOU LIKE THIS CONTENT GO VIP HERE

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