February 23, 2018

Awesome SEO Results with Google

Getting awesome SEO results with Google can seem tough but it really is not that difficult.

In fact with just a bit of research and some practice I believe you can get ANY business on the top of Google and the other search engines.


I have several sites that are at the top of Google and I just use a simple duplicate system a little bit each day

And… its FUN too.

It gets REALLY fun when you start seeing awesome results and leads or commissions come flowing in from a bit of work you’ve done once and will be on the internet forever…

Now THAT is passive income you can create with awesome SEO Google results.

Check out My Awesome SEO Results Below

Awesome SEO Google_Results

Video: Awesome SEO Google_Results

If you click on the picture I will demonstrate to you exactly how I’ve done this for my own lending business and also for several other business’ that I work online.

Getting Awesome SEO Results: Video Training

Check out this quick video where I demonstrate my exact SEO results with several key search term that are highly competitive including terms for Real Estate, Lending and success in general

If you find this quick training helpful or useful please…

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About Jason Wheeler - Real Estate & Lending

Jason Wheeler has been a top producing consultant in real estate and finance since 2003. Originating, conventional, government, portfolio and hard money loans throughout California for one of the top mortgage companies in the nation. Jason works directly with homeowners and purchases homes throughout the Bay Area with the purpose of adding value to older outdated homes. IF YOU LIKE OUR CONTENT GO VIP HERE


  1. Whats your rates for SEO?

  2. Hi- I seen a video of your about helping company’s getting leads by being first on search engines!
    Can You email me some info I’m interested? I’ve tried yoodle and things like that but, at this point I want to learn how to do it myself.

    Thanks Tina

  3. I need to bring one website on the first page of google search……………..can u plz help me in that.

  4. Elizabeth Jennings says:

    Would like to know more information on how to get a business on the first page of google and the cost.

  5. Hi Jason,

    How do I find out more about your SEO?

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