September 25, 2017

Archives for January 2013

Did you Buy or Refi in 2012 – Don’t Forget Some Real Estate Fees can be Tax Deductable.

Hey… Jason Wheeler here. I wanted to drop you a quick note to remind you something. Since it’s tax time all of your clients are thinking about taxes right… Now is a great time to send a note or email to clients that bought real estate from you in 2012 and remind them to get […]

California Portfolio Lenders – What is Portfolio Private Lending?

What is the definition of Portfolio Private Lending and what California lenders offer this? It can be frustrating and difficult to find a private lender that is willing to fund a loan that does not exactly fit into the conventional financing box. Although we offer the best in Conventional and FHA Government Loans… We also […]

Ideas Action Results – Good Ideas plus Massive Action equal Amazing Results! Join our LinkedIn Group

Good ideas plus massive action equal amazing results… It’s a no brainier… Literally if you commit and follow this easy three step formula you will get awesome results every time you apply this. Ever since I’ve been in the business of networking and creating success this three step formula is something that has helped me […]

California Mortgage Brokers – Bay Area Loan Rates Continue Upward, Is the Refinance Boom Alomost Over?

Mortgage interest rates are ticking up a bit in the California Bay Area and nationwide as well. Does this mean you’ve missed your window to refinance into the the lowest interest rates we’ve ever seen in history…  Will you still be able to refinance or will you have to resort to a private portfolio lender? […]

Bay Area Mortgage Rates Today – Rates Rise After Fiscal Cliff Deal

  Current mortgage rates in the SF Bay Area sky rocket in the New Year after “Fiscal Cliff” deal gets pushed through in Congress. It’s very difficult to gauge the long term direction of the market place but over the last few years I’ve gotten really good at predicating “short term mortgage rate trends” I […]

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