July 20, 2017

Did you Buy or Refi in 2012 – Don’t Forget Some Real Estate Fees can be Tax Deductable.

Hey… Jason Wheeler here.real estate fees can be tax deductable

I wanted to drop you a quick note to remind you something.

Since it’s tax time all of your clients are thinking about taxes right...

Now is a great time to send a note or email to clients that bought real estate from you in 2012 and remind them to get a copy of their Final HUD to their CPA.

Many homeowners forget to give a copy of the Final HUD to their tax preparer along with W2s and 1099s.

Send em a note and save them some money… You get another chance to be an advocate and a hero for them.

Some of the costs of refinancing or purhasing can be tax deductable.

FULL Disclosure

NOW I am NOT a tax Advisor so ask your CPA for sure… so this is NOT tax advise.

This is just a friendly reminder as I want to help save you as much money as possible.

If you bought or refinanced with me in 2012 just get in touch and I’ll send you a copy of the documents you would need to show your tax preparer.

Stay awesome!

– Jason Wheeler – Lending Ninja

PS: When you decide to to contact me just call email or ask me anything you want about today’s crazy lending world… Leave me a comment on my blog or Facebook.

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