February 23, 2018

Jumbo Loans – Best CA Bay Area Jumbo Private Portfolio Lender


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Investor relationships are key when you are referring to getting a loan. Especially if you are applying for a Jumbo Loan amount above $700,000. In today’s volatile lending environment it has become more and more difficult to secure financing especially for large loans and high end properties. We are very proud to announce that we have the ability to fund Jumbo Loans above $5,000,000 in many cases.

Below you will find over 10 reasons you should contact us for all your large jumbo loan needs as well as conventional lending and transactional funding.


  1. Portfolio Lender – Private investors not Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  2. Loan Amounts to $500,000 (May go higher – case by case basis)
  3. LTV’s to 80% for Purchase & Rate and Term
  4. Cash-out to 65% LTV / 70% CLTV
  5. Condo’s to 60% LTV, to 70% on select Condo Projects
  6. Second Homes and 2-4 Units to 70% LTV
  7. Non-Owners – Investment Property to 50% LTV to $1,000,000
  8. Pledged Asset Portfolio Loan Program
  9. Vesting Title in Entities Program, LLC’s, Trusts,
  10. Partnerships and Sub-S Corp
  11. Local Manual Underwrite to every file


If you are a Real Estate Agent and you are looking to break into the high end market place in the Contra Costa East Bay Area you must have a reliable source for funding your high end Jumbo deals. Many lenders cannot deliver on this type of loans in the current market place but we have the expertise and the relationships needed in order to fund these deals for you high end buyers.

The Mortgage Process is not always easy and Rates Change on a daily basis, however if you want the best chance to get you Jumbo Loan funded let us know and we will help you with your loan scenario!

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