February 22, 2018

Did you Buy or Refi in 2012 – Don’t Forget Some Real Estate Fees can be Tax Deductable.

Hey… Jason Wheeler here. I wanted to drop you a quick note to remind you something. Since it’s tax time all of your clients are thinking about taxes right… Now is a great time to send a note or email to clients that bought real estate from you in 2012 and remind them to get […]

Bay Area Mortgage Rates Today – Rates Rise After Fiscal Cliff Deal

  Current mortgage rates in the SF Bay Area sky rocket in the New Year after “Fiscal Cliff” deal gets pushed through in Congress. It’s very difficult to gauge the long term direction of the market place but over the last few years I’ve gotten really good at predicating “short term mortgage rate trends” I […]


Check out this video training where I demonstrate side by side in real time against my stiffest competition.  I will almost always out price my competitors on any given day. I CHALLENGE YOU TO FIND BETTER APPLES TO APPLES PRICING! I’ve been a bay area mortgage broker since 2003 Although it seems you always hear […]

Bay Area Mortgage Rates Trend Downward After Obama Election Victory… Will It Continue?

Bay Area mortgage rates trended downward sharply after the Obama victory last week along with a stock market that completely tanked. What influences these kind of swings in that markets? Financial worries in Europe, the “Fiscal Cliff” and in general investors tend to be a bit more partial and have more confidence when their is […]

Bay Area Mortgage Broker Talks About Rates and Real Estate Trends in the SF Bay Area

Bay area mortgage rates continue to bounce around all time lows and now continues to be an amazing time to buy or refinance your bay area real estate. People often ask me if they should wait or take advantage of what is going on in the marketplace right now… Well it is impossible to tell […]

Bay Area Lenders Mortgage Rates Slightly Improved From Last Week

Posted by Jason Wheeler | Fully Follow Me | Subscribe Current mortgage rates in the East Bay area continue to be very attractive for consumers that are looking to buy real estate or apply for a refinance. If you look at the current trends it looks very likely that rates will meet some downward resistance […]

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