February 26, 2018

Bay Area Sales Slow Mortgage Rates Hit 6 Month Lows

Bay Area Real Estate costs are changing and changing quickly.  Mortgage Rates have as of late dropped to a half year 2017 low. In this video I will show you… Mortgage Rate trend charts, Real Estate Market Reports for my main market (you can set up your own report if you want) A GREAT OPPORTUNITY […]

[Breaking News] Diablo Valley Housing and Finance

If you are looking to be “in the know” for Diablo Valley financing and real estate you won’t want to miss getting this free valuable letter in your inbox once per week. Stay informed and stay ahead of the market trends. How is our team different? -> Here’s why PS: Download my 5 Free bonus […]

Bay Area Lenders Mortgage Rates Slightly Improved From Last Week

Posted by Jason Wheeler | Fully Follow Me | Subscribe Current mortgage rates in the East Bay area continue to be very attractive for consumers that are looking to buy real estate or apply for a refinance. If you look at the current trends it looks very likely that rates will meet some downward resistance […]

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