February 20, 2018

VIDEO TRAINING: How Negotiate Your Mortgage and Student Loan Debt – Debt Reductions and Forgivness

Do you want to know how you can negotiate your student loan debts to less than 39% of what you owe? Have you ever wondered if it is possible to avoid foreclosure, keep your home and have a ton of mortgage debt forgiven? Do you feel like you are under a mountain of debt after […]

How to Remove Late Payments From Your Credit Report

If you want ot know how to remove late payments from your credit report you can run a credit simulation (see attached) it is normally about 90% accurate. If you really have a ton of debt and have creditors calling you non stop HERE IS HOW YOU CAN NEGOTIATE A CREDIT PAYOFF EXAMPLE: Remove Late […]

How to Successfully Negotiate Credit Card Debt Payoff 9 Easy Steps to Debt Freedom and Credit Repair in the California Bay Area

So you want to know how to successfully negotiate credit card debt in just a few easy steps? PEOPLE ALSO WATCHED:  3 STRATEGIES TO have your STUDENT LOANS FORGIVEN I talk to people all the time who are in over their head with credit card debts and have just spent too much money… They just […]

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