January 20, 2018

[CASE STUDY] 10 Day Mortgage Closings on a Home Purchase?

We closed this purchase loan in only 10 days! In this recent case study I will show you some details and results on our fast-paced purchase promise.  If you are looking to close fast on your home purchase… we have plenty of examples for you to review. In December 2017 this amazing couple found me […]

5 Bonus Treasures for VIP Clients

Every week I work hard to bring you content full of value. I want you to test drive this content once per week. Every Tuesday I release the BEST content for those that are following and keeping up with the Bay Area Real Estate Market. If you hate it please tell me how to improve […]

Bay Area Home Prices Rising Or Falling?

HOME PRICES FALLING OR INCREASING WITH MORTGAGE RATES? Are Bay Area home prices going to continue increasing or will they begin falling in 2017?  Today, in this quick video, I wanted to hang out with you for just a few minutes and talk a little bit about the direction of mortgage rates since the election […]

Buying A Bay Area House with A Low Down Payment Loan

Did you know that you can still buy a home with a low down payment mortgage with using as little as 1% of your own money for your down payment? Before the market crashed in 2007 “no down payment loans” were used on almost every transaction when first time home buyers with limited to no […]


Thank you very much for reading and downloading this Bay Area Real Estate Consumer Awareness Guide. The reason for this handbook is so that you could gain more knowledge and awareness in regards to purchasing a home here in the Diablo Valley in Contra Costa County. Purchasing and financing a home can be one of […]


A lot has changed this month compared to last month in the local real estate market. Inventory is still very low prompting more competition between buyers. Unexpectedly, interest rates have fallen to near fifty-year lows. People everywhere are applying for financing and trying to buy home. NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO GET YOUR FINANCIAL […]


I was just on the phone with someone who was asking me questions about getting approved and financing Real Estate… He mentioned how he didn’t want to buy now and wanted to wait until Summer next year before getting started… (like a lot of people do) Basically I told him to quit screwing around, put […]

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