May 1, 2017


One of the biggest problems with the real estate industry is it is a transactional type business.  Too often after the sale is done a client will hardly ever hear from the agent again. However… That is NOT how I’ve built my practice. Since beginning in business in 2003, one of the things that keeps […]


Thank you very much for reading and downloading this Bay Area Real Estate Consumer Awareness Guide. The reason for this handbook is so that you could gain more knowledge and awareness in regards to purchasing a home here in the Diablo Valley in Contra Costa County. Purchasing and financing a home can be one of […]


Many people set goals and write them down every year. Not everyone is happy with the results they achieve. This year I’ve decided to share my goal setting method along with my current goals publicly on my blog.  There are a few reasons. I like feed back from others that might read them I find […]


GET MY NEWSLETTER IN YOUR EMAIL EVERY WEEK HERE. I send my letter out once per week and I will give you a FREE copy of Think and Grow Rich along with my very own Business start up eBook “Only If you Hustle” when you sign up.  You can cancel anytime. WEEKLY WRAP UP Once […]


Reading is something that most of us just don’t do enough of… I know I feel like I should read more. I try to read at least one book every month though… There are several books that have really changed how I think and the way I practice my daily life.  If you get the […]


Why do you think the “best leaders seem like they do so much less hard work?” Why is it some work hard to the bone while others make millions from a single idea? Why do CEOs and millionaires catch so much flack for doing nothing?  They get paid to much and IT SEEMS LIKE do […]

Ben Bernanke and FED to Keep Rates Low? Reports Suggest it is Expected in Next Weeks Meeting

We were all really surprised a few months ago when the FED decided to postpone tapering of federal aid and bond purchasing keeping Mortgage interest rate “artificially low” for the time being. Let’s not be too surprised this time if these early reports are incorrect okay… This is the news that Bloomberg reports and other […]

VIDEO TRAINING: How Negotiate Your Mortgage and Student Loan Debt – Debt Reductions and Forgivness

Do you want to know how you can negotiate your student loan debts to less than 39% of what you owe? Have you ever wondered if it is possible to avoid foreclosure, keep your home and have a ton of mortgage debt forgiven? Do you feel like you are under a mountain of debt after […]


YOU NEED A FAST LOAN CLOSING?  WE GOT THAT COVERED… You’re a Realtor and your clients need to close fast right?  You need a Loan Officer that is realistic, that will make the deadlines and bring you some amazing communication and customer service right?  Maybe you just have a lending question and you want to […]

Friend or Follow Me – Jason Wheeler’s Social Networks

Thanks for coming here to my personal blog and checking me out.  I set this page up so you can “Friend or Follow” me on all of my social networks that I’m active on these days. All large companies and brands use social media to stay in touch with their main base of clients, customers […]

Unsecured Lending: Bay Area Unsecured Loans for Business Debt Consolidation and Home Improvement

Unsecured lending has recently been very difficult to qualify for in the recent lending environment due to highly regulated restrictions set upon most banks due to the Mortgage Meltdown of 2007 that ultimately toppled the economy. If you have a need for a loan we may be able to help you with a personal private […]

How To Make Money When You Are a Kid – Inspiring Story: 12 Year Old Boy From Holland creates some amazing success with this easy money system he’s using online.

So there are tons of ways to make money when you are a kid but some ideas can have potential to make more than others. I always love a good inspiring story… Especially stories that are out of the ordinary or when someone who faces massive adversity creates amazing success. Well check out this video […]

Heidi Herz South Bay San Jose Realtor Mortgage Broker Review

I received this amazing review on Yelp today from an amazing Realtor in the South Bay Heidi Herz. Thanks a billion times over Heidi it was great to work with you and it’s always amazing to have such a nice FAST smooth transaction. This particular funding was only 16 days from loan submission to funds […]

Reviews and Testimonials for Pleasant Hill Bay Area Mortage Broker Jason Wheeler

Nothing makes my day quite like a local reviews from an amazing client in my home town of Pleasant Hill CA for my Mortgage Broker services. Thanks so much to my happy clients that truly make it all worth it. She made this review in March of 2013 on the popular site Review for […]

Did you Buy or Refi in 2012 – Don’t Forget Some Real Estate Fees can be Tax Deductable.

Hey… Jason Wheeler here. I wanted to drop you a quick note to remind you something. Since it’s tax time all of your clients are thinking about taxes right… Now is a great time to send a note or email to clients that bought real estate from you in 2012 and remind them to get […]


Check out this video training where I demonstrate side by side in real time against my stiffest competition.  I will almost always out price my competitors on any given day. I CHALLENGE YOU TO FIND BETTER APPLES TO APPLES PRICING! I’ve been a bay area mortgage broker since 2003 Although it seems you always hear […]

Bay Area Mortgage Broker Says: Save Money on Your Bay Area Mortgage Using Equity Accelerator

You can Save Money on Your Bay Area Mortgage Using Equity Accelerator Want to Pay off your mortgage twice as fast as you originally planned and save thousand in interest? …Of course you do! If you want to get the most savings while paying off your bay area home loan I always recommend to my […]

How To Create Unlimited Leads per Month For Your Direct Sales, Real Estate or Network Marketing Business

Do you have a business? Are you involved with real estate, mortgage lending or some kind of direct sales or network marketing business? How valuable would it be for your business if I showed you a strategy I use almost daily to create unlimited targeted, qualified leads for my primary lending business? What would 400 […]

Jobs Report Has Bay Area Mortgage Rates Dropping to All Time Lows

  Posted by Jason Wheeler | Fully Follow Me | Subscribe Today’s jobs report has tanked the stock market and interest rates on Mortgages are sharply lower near thier 3 month lows. American employers added fewer workers than forecast in April and the jobless rate unexpectedly fell as people left the labor force, adding to […]

Warren Buffet Says San Francisco Bay Area Homes are the Best Investment in 2012

Warren Buffet – SF Homes are the Best Investment was uploaded by: RandOnRealEstate
Duration: 97

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