January 22, 2018

How I Got BACK at Spam Callers While Getting a Good Laugh

A couple weeks ago I was building out a new website and without me knowing it… my contact information was public and being sold to telemarketers on the new domain I had purchased… I accidentally got myself on a call list that I didn’t really want to be on. Next thing you know I have […]

5 Bonus Treasures for VIP Clients

Every week I work hard to bring you content full of value. I want you to test drive this content once per week. Every Tuesday I release the BEST content for those that are following and keeping up with the Bay Area Real Estate Market. If you hate it please tell me how to improve […]


This message is one of my favorites… not only for sharing a positive message but almost whenever I’m doubting myself or feeling down.  It almost always changes my mood. I hope you enjoy it. “You’ve never seen a misshapen cloud… clouds don’t make mistakes.  Did you ever see a badly designed wave? A friend I’m […]


Reading is something that most of us just don’t do enough of… I know I feel like I should read more. I try to read at least one book every month though… There are several books that have really changed how I think and the way I practice my daily life.  If you get the […]


I just picked up this book and I’m loving it… the 10x Rule by Grant Cardone is a great book to help boost your results no matter what you are currently producing. PICK IT UP HERE Once I’m finished reading it I will post an update on what I took away from the book. Leave […]


Not only are we a DIRECT LENDER but we also work with over 50 different banks and lending partners all over California.  Jason Wheeler is recognized as a top producing Mortgage Agent among of over 500 throughout California. If you are looking for the fastest home loan closings to buy Bay Area Real Estate you […]

Local SF Bay Area 420 Events and the History Of How April 20th Became Weed Day.

I have not personally enjoyed “420 Weed Day” since I was in college the stuff makes me paranoid and lazy now!! However I remember when I was a kid in High School and this day really took off as a holiday.  Here is a bit of history of just how it came to be.  And […]

Top 10 Best Superbowl Commercials 2012

Posted by Jason Wheeler | Fully Follow Me | Subscribe For those who didn’t catch the game, we’ve posted some of the best commercials from this year’s big game (below). We all love the funny ads they come up with for the Superbowl. This year in 2012 here are some of the best rated to […]

Unhappy with Your Website? How to Get an Optimized Blog Site and Win a Free Apple iPad

THIS CONTEST IS NOW OVER AND WE ARE NO LONGER OFFERING A FREE SITE HOWEVER YOU CAN GET A CUSTOM BLOG SET UP HERE I’m really glad you opened this message because I have an important question for you: Are you happy with your website? Is it getting you the traffic, sales, and publicity that […]

[Video] The Wisdom Of Will Smith

Posted by Jason Wheeler | Fully Follow Me | Read More   I first saw this video at a Real Estate Seminar a few years ago. The wisdom of Will Smith is on of my favorite quick pick me ups This 10 minute compilation of interviews with Will Smith truly break down what you must […]

History of the Superbowl | Most Popular Super Bowl Ads 2011 | All Superbowl History Since the Begining in 1968

Posted by Jason Wheeler | New here? Read our feed Super Bowl Ads and Commercials always get such a buzz. Here are some of my favorites over the years. What is your favorite superbowl add. Leave a comment or paste the you tube link in the comments section Below.       Recap of all […]

20 Traditional New Years Parties in the Bay Area, Countdown to 2011 in San Francisco Bay Area

Posted by Jason Wheeler | New here? Subscribe to our feed Where has the year gone? We will be ringing in 2011 before you know it. Where will you be celebrating? What are your New Years food tradisions? We’ve found over 20 places in the bay area where you can ring in the New Year […]

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