February 26, 2018

[CASE STUDY] 10 Day Mortgage Closings on a Home Purchase?

We closed this purchase loan in only 10 days! In this recent case study I will show you some details and results on our fast-paced purchase promise.  If you are looking to close fast on your home purchase… we have plenty of examples for you to review. In December 2017 this amazing couple found me […]

How I Got BACK at Spam Callers While Getting a Good Laugh

A couple weeks ago I was building out a new website and without me knowing it… my contact information was public and being sold to telemarketers on the new domain I had purchased… I accidentally got myself on a call list that I didn’t really want to be on. Next thing you know I have […]

6 Reasons It’s a Good Idea to Look at a Refinance

Paying a mortgage can feel like a trap sometimes! It feels like mortgage companies are sticking it to you right? Whether you recently bought a home two or three years ago, or if you’ve been paying on your current mortgage for several years there’s one thing that is certain. Mortgage servicer’s are interested in one […]

5 Bonus Treasures for VIP Clients

Every week I work hard to bring you content full of value. I want you to test drive this content once per week. Every Tuesday I release the BEST content for those that are following and keeping up with the Bay Area Real Estate Market. If you hate it please tell me how to improve […]

Buying A Bay Area House with A Low Down Payment Loan

Did you know that you can still buy a home with a low down payment mortgage with using as little as 1% of your own money for your down payment? Before the market crashed in 2007 “no down payment loans” were used on almost every transaction when first time home buyers with limited to no […]


Many people set goals and write them down every year. Not everyone is happy with the results they achieve. This year I’ve decided to share my goal setting method along with my current goals publicly on my blog.  There are a few reasons. I like feed back from others that might read them I find […]


LENDING TERMS FOR FIX AND FLIP INVESTORS IN THE BAY AREA Fix and Flip loans for investors based on after repaired value (ARV)?  This unique loan program allows investors to secure financing based on the “After Repaired Value” of a home with very low interest only payments.  Basically we will lend up front on the […]


Reading is something that most of us just don’t do enough of… I know I feel like I should read more. I try to read at least one book every month though… There are several books that have really changed how I think and the way I practice my daily life.  If you get the […]


Do you think that maybe “You’ve hired the worst Mortgage or Real Estate Agent” These are some “major signs you’ve chosen the wrong agent” or Realtor to help you with your sale or your purchase Mostly this post is just for fun! Buying and selling real estate can be super stressful, the last thing you […]


Not only are we a DIRECT LENDER but we also work with over 50 different banks and lending partners all over California.  Jason Wheeler is recognized as a top producing Mortgage Agent among of over 500 throughout California. If you are looking for the fastest home loan closings to buy Bay Area Real Estate you […]


Are you wondering… “Can I get a home loan right after a short sale in the SF Bay Area?”  The answer is YES you CAN get a loan recently after a short sale or a foreclosure with the 2nd chance home loan. Not every lender offers this and not every borrower will qualify.  See the […]

Best Mortgage Company for Loan Officers: Banker & Broker 1099 Pay 90% Commissions

We are looking for experienced independent Loan Officers that know how to close loans in California, Nevada, Washington, Florida, Colorado, Oregon and Texas. If you are a seasoned Loan Officer and you want to get paid 1099 income read below and then contact us for information that you will need to get started. Best bay […]

Secret Private Money: 13 Scenarios California Direct Private Portfolio Lender Funded When Banks Said “NO”

Thanks for being here.  In this posting I will show you several portfolio scenarios that can help you close more transactions when other conventional lenders tell you and your client NO. As a bonus check out my crash course on some of the most common lending questions for first time home buyers. When you have […]

Do You Have to Pay Taxes on a Short Sale?

Many have been wondering “Do you have to pay taxes on a short sale” and a ton of people have asked me about this on Facebook in the last several months. Well the verdict is in… This is great news is you recently had to “short sale” your home in 2013. In the past there […]

Most Common Errors to Get Your Mortgage Application Denied and UnApproved

All too often many people end up ruining their mortgage approval before the loan is closed.  I see this all the time and clients often freak out have major stress and anxiety. Here are the most common errors people make to get their loan denied.  Make Sure Your Loan Gets Approved: What NOT to do […]

VIDEO TRAINING: How Negotiate Your Mortgage and Student Loan Debt – Debt Reductions and Forgivness

Do you want to know how you can negotiate your student loan debts to less than 39% of what you owe? Have you ever wondered if it is possible to avoid foreclosure, keep your home and have a ton of mortgage debt forgiven? Do you feel like you are under a mountain of debt after […]

Unsecured Lending: Bay Area Unsecured Loans for Business Debt Consolidation and Home Improvement

Unsecured lending has recently been very difficult to qualify for in the recent lending environment due to highly regulated restrictions set upon most banks due to the Mortgage Meltdown of 2007 that ultimately toppled the economy. If you have a need for a loan we may be able to help you with a personal private […]

Bay Area FHA Streamline Loan Refinance Requirements, Calculators, Rates & Closing Costs Explained

The FHA Streamline refinance program is a great option for Bay Area home owners to lower their monthly payments. If you recently purchased with an FHA loan… you should know …The Federal Housing Administrations purpose is to help offer aid to homeowners to make housing and home ownership attainable and affordable. You would be wise […]

How Can I Remove Negative Errors From My Consumer Credit Report for Free – Dispute Letter Sample Download Template

As a Mortgage Broker and lender in the SF Bay Area one of the questions that people often ask me is “How can I remove negative items from my credit report?” Did you know you can remove items with just a bit of know how and the right tools and language? If you have items […]


How can you get a mortgage in the CA Bay Area when the subject property is an investor flip? It was pretty exciting to go into the Labor Day holiday this week knowing my amazing clients who found me on the popular site Yelp.com from the great reviews on the site a few months back […]

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