February 22, 2018

15 Tips to Save Money with a Green Bay Area Home Without Making Huge Investments

Guest Post by Carmen Brettel is a writer and manager for Studentgrants.org, where she has recently been researching returning student grants. In her spare time, Carmen enjoys gardening and volunteering at animal shelters. Saving money on bay area homes isn’t easy, often because many future savings first require steep investments.  Although this is a sound […]

Tips For Financing College Without Getting a Student Loan In the California San Fransisco Bay Area

Guest Post by Ronald Palmer Who Would Pay Sticker Price for College? Would you go buy a car from a dealership and pay the sticker price??? Of course not, that would be absurd! Most people know that the sticker price is the starting point in the negotiation process at the car dealer. Now that we […]

3 Factors to Consider Before Jumping on the Entrepreneur Track

Fully Follow Me | Subscribe Guest post by Sara Witt So what are the 3 main factors to consider before jumping on the Entrepreneur track? Starting your own business entails benefits that people working for others drool over: You’re your own boss, your ambition can control how much money you make, and you have power.  […]

Deducting CA Home Mortgage Loan Interest Rates – Saving on your California Taxes

Guest post by Kevin Craig Is this how you feel when you think about tackling your taxes? Deducting home mortgage loan interest rates – Saving on your taxes Getting tax breaks on your home mortgage loan is one of the biggest benefits of home ownership but you need to know how it is possible to […]

The Truth on Making Quick Cash and Paying Off Debts

Posted by Jason Wheeler | Fully Follow Me | Subscribe Photo From quaziefoto Guest Post by Stewart Smith The Four Super Smart Ways to Make Quick Cash and Pay off Your Debts Consumer’s debts are spiraling out of control in the post recession age and many people have been forced into huge debts all around […]

Continue to Rent or Be Grown up? Five Reasons you Should Buy A Home This Year in the CA Bay Area

 Guest Post by Laurie Berry | New here? Read our feed Continue Renting or Be A Grown Up? So you have a stable job and decent credit. Why are you paying money to live in someone else’s home? DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Right now interest rates for home loans are low. Lowest rates in 40 years! […]

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