January 22, 2018


CLICK HERE FOR ALL OF THE PICTURES AND PROPERTY DETAILS The original listing price for this home was $797,000… Make a guess how much it sold for and you can win a $50 Amazon Gift Card or Venmo Cash. 264 Augustine is set at the end of a Cul De Sac. Pleasant Hill Schools Open […]

Bay Area Home Prices Rising Or Falling?

HOME PRICES FALLING OR INCREASING WITH MORTGAGE RATES? Are Bay Area home prices going to continue increasing or will they begin falling in 2017?  Today, in this quick video, I wanted to hang out with you for just a few minutes and talk a little bit about the direction of mortgage rates since the election […]


Thank you very much for reading and downloading this Bay Area Real Estate Consumer Awareness Guide. The reason for this handbook is so that you could gain more knowledge and awareness in regards to purchasing a home here in the Diablo Valley in Contra Costa County. Purchasing and financing a home can be one of […]


I was just on the phone with someone who was asking me questions about getting approved and financing Real Estate… He mentioned how he didn’t want to buy now and wanted to wait until Summer next year before getting started… (like a lot of people do) Basically I told him to quit screwing around, put […]

Can you Get a Jumbo Loan After a Foreclosure Short Sale or Bankruptcy?

“Can you get a jumbo loan after a foreclosure short sale or bankruptcy?” This is a question that I am asked on a regular basis from all kinds of consumers that suffered from a recent housing event like a foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy since the housing crash and foreclosure crisis that occurred nationwide in […]

Major Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Real Estate

Not too long ago I wrote up a list of things that will surely destroy your ability to secure a real estate loan. You will definitely want to learn about the major mistakes to avoid when buying Real Estate Many consumers that are shopping with a pre-approval letter don’t realize that you can really screw […]

Less Bay Area Homes Underwater Now

With some amazing appreciation in the last year and hopes pretty high for the summer to come, many Bay Area home owners that have been “underwater” on their loan for years are beginning to see equity. This is giving many the opportunity to sell or refinance into loans with better terms finally. The fact is […]

New Oakland Listings Upper Millsmont Ridge – Amazing Views

Are you looking for “New Oakland Listings” Come join us this Sunday in the charming quiet safe neighborhood of the “Upper Millsmont Ridge” for our Open House. This home in Oakland California has an amazing view from the Upper Millsmont Ridge. Hey by the way… I would LOVE your feedback on this place?  Would you […]

Lakewood Listings in Walnut Creek. Bay Area Real Estate Agent Talks About Trends, News and Market Services

  Bay area real estate agent talks about the real estate listings available in the Lakewood area of Walnut Creek California. Bay area real estate agents like Steve have great knowledge on the bay area real estate market trends that are currently pushing prices up or down in any given real estate market. A bay […]

Bay Area Real Estate Market Trends Are Talked About by Agent Saverio R. Pellicano

  In this video Saverio R. Pellicano talks about bay area real estate trends in cities like Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Lafayette and Orinda. Saverio has a lot of great charts and data on the bay area real estate market and showcases great knowledge on the status of the inventory available for sale in the […]

Bay Area Real Estate Agent Lisa Doyle Talks About Trends, Rates, News and Inventory in the Bay Area Real Estate Market

  Bay area real estate agent Lisa Doyle with J Rockcliff Realtors in Walnut Creek talks about bay area mortgage interest rate trends in the current market. Looking at bay area real estate trends are important to look at if you are looking at bay area real estate listings in cities like Walnut Creek, Pleasant […]

Bay Area Real Estate Agent Karin Cunningham Shows Current Bay Area Trends, News and Market Lisitngs

This video show cases bay area real estate agent Karin Cunningham. Karin has put together a great video showing why current bay area real estate trends are pointing to a great buyers market and opportunities to get wonderful deals on bay area real estate listings. Finding great bay area real estate services is very important […]

Bay Area Real Estate Trends Services and Listings, Find a Great Agent

  Check out this video on the bay area real estate market. By learning more about the bay area real estate trends in Contra Costa you will be better equipped to buy a bay area listing. If you are looking for bay area real estate services like mortgage financing or a great bay area real […]

Fundraiser For Great Friends and Horrible Genetic Disease Niemann-Pick

I felt lucky to spend a big part of my day yesterday with some of my favorite people. The Brooks family held an amazing fund raiser at the newly renovated Rankin Park in Martinez California for their amazing little man Jacob. Jacob is the Brooks first born and tragically he’s been diagnosed with a horrible […]

Downtown Pleasant Hill Wine Walk Event 2012 June 1st

Posted by Jason Wheeler | Fully Follow Me | Subscribe The 3rd annual Downtown Pleasant Hill Wine Walk on Cresent Drive is on June 1st 2012. Tickets won’t cost you very much money at all this year either. High energy dance band Cover 2 Cover will be playing again this year too.  Click the banner […]

[Video] 4th of July 2011 Events and Activities in Pleasant Hill CA

Posted by Jason Wheeler | Fully Follow Me | Subscribe   4th of July 2011 in Pleasant Hill is one of my favorite holiday’s. Check out the schedule of events and write up in the Pleasant Hill Outlook. The Commission has planned for this year! Come out bring the family and enjoy the day! 7th […]

Lamorinda Realtor Marketing Meetings for Bay Area Real Estate

  Posted by Jason Wheeler | Subscribe Join a dynamic group of Real Estate Professionals from Lafayette, Orinda and the Moraga area every other week for some great networking, education and good old fashion deals getting done in the room. We have some great speakers booked for these events and it is free to attend! […]

Downtown Pleasant Hill Wine Walk Event – Get Tickets Today

  Posted by Jason Wheeler | Subscribe Check out the 2012 Wine Walk Here Other nearby towns like Walnut Creek have done similar events that are a lot of fun! For the first time Pleasant Hill CA will be hosting a downtown Wine Walk. Get in touch with the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce today […]

Rising Mortgage Rates in Contra Costa Bay Area Area on a Major Uptrend – Lock Your Rate Today with Your Mortgage Broker in the East Bay

Posted by Jason Wheeler | Read our Feed Mortgage Rates in the Bay Area and in California have seen a major uptrend in the last few weeks. If you are sitting on the fence you may want to take advantage and lock in your low rates today! This uptrend could last for some time. Bank […]

Black Friday 2011 California Bay Area Deals – Sun Valley Mall – Great Mall – East Bay Area Shopping CA

Posted by Jason Wheeler | Subscribe to our feed       Black Friday is known for being the largest retail day of the year! Are you going to be out finding the deals in the Bay Area at places like Sun Valley and the Great Mall in Milpitas? Or will you be finding great […]

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