January 20, 2018


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LENDING TERMS FOR FIX AND FLIP INVESTORS IN THE BAY AREA Fix and Flip loans for investors based on after repaired value (ARV)?  This unique loan program allows investors to secure financing based on the “After Repaired Value” of a home with very low interest only payments.  Basically we will lend up front on the […]


YES we can get you a loan to purchase real estate right after a short sale or foreclosure.  This is offered through a private money financial institution that we have a special relationship with. We are actively helping people with a recent housing event get back into the housing market. Private money is a commonly […]


PLEASE HELP ME… MY GOAL IS TO HAVE A STUDY SET OF AT LEAST 200 REALTORS Can I please ask for 1 minute of your time? Will you fill out this survey? All great top producing REALTORS needs relationships with a great Loan Officer…  What makes the perfect partnership between Agent and Lender? C’mon… Lets […]


When the FED speaks the markets react… and today they did not react positively for the consumers that are still looking to buy Real Estate in the California Bay Area… In an already expensive market when rates rise 1% it dissolves a borrowers ability purchase by $100,000.  Two things are likely to happen… Prices will […]


Not only are we a DIRECT LENDER but we also work with over 50 different banks and lending partners all over California.  Jason Wheeler is recognized as a top producing Mortgage Agent among of over 500 throughout California. If you are looking for the fastest home loan closings to buy Bay Area Real Estate you […]

Jason Wheeler’s Debt Reduction Sheet Training: Worksheet Download

Thanks so much for being here!  My readers and subscribers truly mean the world to me. I appreciate you! If you watch this training and download my full version of this debt reduction sheet please click the link on the right and subscribe to this blog. I will only send you massive value! DOWNLOAD YOUR […]

Less Bay Area Homes Underwater Now

With some amazing appreciation in the last year and hopes pretty high for the summer to come, many Bay Area home owners that have been “underwater” on their loan for years are beginning to see equity. This is giving many the opportunity to sell or refinance into loans with better terms finally. The fact is […]


Are you wondering… “Can I get a home loan right after a short sale in the SF Bay Area?”  The answer is YES you CAN get a loan recently after a short sale or a foreclosure with the 2nd chance home loan. Not every lender offers this and not every borrower will qualify.  See the […]

Jumbo Loan Requirements for Cashout to 80% LTV: Recoup of Funds Used for the Recent Purchase of the Subject Property

If a borrower purchased the subject property for cash within the last 12 months, refer to the guidelines below for Loan-to-Value/LTV Determination for Property Owned Less Than One Year and Recoup of Funds Used for the Recent Purchase of the Subject Property. If a borrower was added to title or received the property as a […]

Best Mortgage Company for Loan Officers: Banker & Broker 1099 Pay 90% Commissions

We are looking for experienced independent Loan Officers that know how to close loans in California, Nevada, Washington, Florida, Colorado, Oregon and Texas. If you are a seasoned Loan Officer and you want to get paid 1099 income read below and then contact us for information that you will need to get started. Best bay […]

Secret Private Money: 13 Scenarios California Direct Private Portfolio Lender Funded When Banks Said “NO”

Thanks for being here.  In this posting I will show you several portfolio scenarios that can help you close more transactions when other conventional lenders tell you and your client NO. As a bonus check out my crash course on some of the most common lending questions for first time home buyers. When you have […]

Plan to Payoff Debt Fast: Debt Reduction Calculator Avalanche Excel Spreadsheet Download

AMAZING VALUE WITH THIS FREE DEBT REDUCTION SNOWBALL or AVALANCHE CALCULATOR I use this custom debt reduction calculator personally.  It comes as an easy to use Excel spreadsheet, and you can download it for free by clicking the link below.  I originally found this spreadsheet on the everything Excel template site vertex42 Since then I’ve made […]

Ben Bernanke and FED to Keep Rates Low? Reports Suggest it is Expected in Next Weeks Meeting

We were all really surprised a few months ago when the FED decided to postpone tapering of federal aid and bond purchasing keeping Mortgage interest rate “artificially low” for the time being. Let’s not be too surprised this time if these early reports are incorrect okay… This is the news that Bloomberg reports and other […]

VIDEO TRAINING: How Negotiate Your Mortgage and Student Loan Debt – Debt Reductions and Forgivness

Do you want to know how you can negotiate your student loan debts to less than 39% of what you owe? Have you ever wondered if it is possible to avoid foreclosure, keep your home and have a ton of mortgage debt forgiven? Do you feel like you are under a mountain of debt after […]

How to Remove Late Payments From Your Credit Report

If you want ot know how to remove late payments from your credit report you can run a credit simulation (see attached) it is normally about 90% accurate. If you really have a ton of debt and have creditors calling you non stop HERE IS HOW YOU CAN NEGOTIATE A CREDIT PAYOFF EXAMPLE: Remove Late […]

[Case Studies] Fastest Bay Area Mortgage Closings

We pride ourselves in offering consumers in the East Bay Area the BEST in mortgage options and services.  We can offer you more than our competition, with a faster, easier process and the best in elite mortgage pricing on any given day. WE CAN OFFER YOU… The fastest mortgage closings in California as quick at […]

Buy Pleasant Hill Real Estate: Search Listings Agents and Realtor Sources Top Sites

When you are looking to buy Pleasant Hill Real Estate you will want to look for listings, find an agent. I wanted to put together a list of some of my favorite and the most popular sites for finding what you need. If you need to get a pre-approval for a mortgage you can get […]

Heidi Herz South Bay San Jose Realtor Mortgage Broker Review

I received this amazing review on Yelp today from an amazing Realtor in the South Bay Heidi Herz. Thanks a billion times over Heidi it was great to work with you and it’s always amazing to have such a nice FAST smooth transaction. This particular funding was only 16 days from loan submission to funds […]

Reviews and Testimonials for Pleasant Hill Bay Area Mortage Broker Jason Wheeler

Nothing makes my day quite like a local reviews from an amazing client in my home town of Pleasant Hill CA for my Mortgage Broker services. Thanks so much to my happy clients that truly make it all worth it. She made this review in March of 2013 on the popular site Yelp.com Review for […]

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