February 22, 2018


If you’re anything like me, then you probably spend a lot of time between Thanksgiving and the end of the year reflecting on your previous year goal setting. During this time, I like to look at the successes that I created, the failures that I had, challenges that I overcame, and also challenges and hardships […]


Are very good reminder and a lesson that we can all learn from our 7 year old selves… What really separates us from ants moving dirt? SOME OF MY OTHER FAVORITE VIDEOS


If you are looking for qualifying for a mortgage just after you had a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy our private portfolio loan programs will help you. VIDEO: GETTING A LOAN AFTER SHORT SALE OR FORECLOSURE HERE ARE SOME OF THE HIGHLIGHTS ON OUR PORTFOLIO LOAN PROGRAM • 24 months seasoning for foreclosure, short sale, […]


I just picked up this book and I’m loving it… the 10x Rule by Grant Cardone is a great book to help boost your results no matter what you are currently producing. PICK IT UP HERE Once I’m finished reading it I will post an update on what I took away from the book. Leave […]


Not only are we a DIRECT LENDER but we also work with over 50 different banks and lending partners all over California.  Jason Wheeler is recognized as a top producing Mortgage Agent among of over 500 throughout California. If you are looking for the fastest home loan closings to buy Bay Area Real Estate you […]

Jason Wheeler’s Debt Reduction Sheet Training: Worksheet Download

Thanks so much for being here!  My readers and subscribers truly mean the world to me. I appreciate you! If you watch this training and download my full version of this debt reduction sheet please click the link on the right and subscribe to this blog. I will only send you massive value! DOWNLOAD YOUR […]

A Bit About Where I Came From and What I’ve Achieved

Be Sure to Follow On Facebook For Real Time Updates To Follow: www.JasonWheeler.biz/FB FOOL PROOF FORMULA TO GET WHATEVER YOU WANT If you don’t know me… I wanted to give a quick introduction and why you should listen. 1.   I’m  happily married with two kids and a dog! (HAPPY) 2.   I love dogs pizza and […]

VIDEO TRAINING: How Negotiate Your Mortgage and Student Loan Debt – Debt Reductions and Forgivness

Do you want to know how you can negotiate your student loan debts to less than 39% of what you owe? Have you ever wondered if it is possible to avoid foreclosure, keep your home and have a ton of mortgage debt forgiven? Do you feel like you are under a mountain of debt after […]

Driven Business Pro Entrepreneur Interview Series: Amazing Ideas Action and Results Stories from Amazing Entrepreneurs

I’m super excited to launch my Driven Business Pro Interview Series, and I want YOU to participate. READ THE DETAILS ON MY IDEA BELOW If you like the idea ask me about it on one of my social media profiles. As a business owner and entrepreneur since 2003 in the lending business, not only am […]

How To Make Money When You Are a Kid – Inspiring Story: 12 Year Old Boy From Holland creates some amazing success with this easy money system he’s using online.

So there are tons of ways to make money when you are a kid but some ideas can have potential to make more than others. I always love a good inspiring story… Especially stories that are out of the ordinary or when someone who faces massive adversity creates amazing success. Well check out this video […]

Team Take Massive Action Live Hangout: Contest Anouncements with Chris Record, Chuck Marshall Arthur Tubman & Layla Black

Tonight at 9:00pm ET we are hosting an EPIC hangout where you can watch as we roll out the details of our NEW Team Take Massive Action Contest! JOIN US LIVE!!! This is a contest where EVERYONE has the chance to participate and WIN, and at the same time we will be giving HUGE awards […]

How To Get Your Business On the Top Page of Google: Three Simple Steps

So Jason Wheeler works at Google and I’ve found out that he used to be the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and is now a VP of Finance of this massive search engine giant! He’s an imposter… Just kidding but he’s not me! I’m Not the Jason Wheeler Poker Champ or Baseball Player Either I’ve found […]

The POWER of hypnotic LANGUAGE How You Attract What you Expect Into Your Life EVERYDAY

I got this amazing message from a friend and mentor of mine and I had to share it here on my blog… Could it be true that two people can go out and do the exact same activity and have a dramatically different result? I believe that it is true. You will likely attract to […]

Zeek Rewards Goes Out Of Business On August 16th 2012

So why did Zeek Rewards go out of business? Here are some of the details… We don’t know yet for sure but as of today August 16th it would seem that Zeek Rewards has shut down operations and gone out of business. Here is a screenshot from their site right now August 16th at 8:20PM […]

[Video] Funny Birthday Song! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!

I wanted to share this quick funny birthday song for you today! EVERYONE LIKE TO SMILE AND LAUGH ON THEIR BIRTHDAY RIGHT? Hope you have an amazing birthday and enjoy another successful trip around the sun! EVERYONE Loves it When Funny Birthday!  Hope yours is an Amazing Day! I hope you get a laugh out […]

29 Simple Steps and Triggers that Will Double Your Production

Posted by Jason Wheeler | Subscribe So a little while ago I got an email from millionaire entrepreneur that I follow online. This offer was just too good to pass up. Up until May 17 these 29 audio segments are going to be completely free. You can download them, put them on your iPod or […]

[Video] The Wisdom Of Will Smith

Posted by Jason Wheeler | Fully Follow Me | Read More   I first saw this video at a Real Estate Seminar a few years ago. The wisdom of Will Smith is on of my favorite quick pick me ups This 10 minute compilation of interviews with Will Smith truly break down what you must […]


One of my all time favorite inspiring clips… Whenever I feel down for any reason… This one gets me almost every time. It’s a great reminder. You may be Surprised what your BEST Looks Like This inspiring video from Facing the Giants was shown to me for the first time a few years back when […]

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