February 23, 2018

Unemployment in Indiana is out of Money… Is California Next? Many Visit uplink.in.gov?

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Many people have been relying on unemployment to help them get through rough times as job opportunities have dried up, leaving unemployment as many people’s last recourse.

However, even that may no longer be available to the people of Indiana, as it was recently revealed that Indiana Unemployment was just as broke as everyone else. Lawmakers in the state could still be the people’s saving grace, but they have yet to solve this problem. Many people are trying to learn more about the situation by going straight to the online source, www.in.gov/dwd.

With our State of California Currently sitting around 12% Unemployment can we expect the our state to run out of money for unemployment too? Not to mention the unemployment rate in the Bay Area being high than it has in quite some time as well. The Unemployment Insurance Program, commonly referred to as UI, provides weekly unemployment insurance payments for workers who lose their job through no fault of their own. The UI program is 100% funded by employers who pay taxes on wages paid to employees.


The fact that so many are loosing or have lost jobs is gut wrenching. If you need to file a claim and start receiving benefits it’s


important that while you are getting those benefits you get out and do something while you are receiving them. I lost my job back in 2003 and collected unemployment and it gave me the opportunity to get my real estate license and get started in the mortgage and lending business.


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  1. It is scary that states are starting to run out of money for unemployment. I think the Federal has to kick in with benefits after that, don't they? It doesn't really seem that the economy is on the uprise after all!

  2. I agree with you Jennifer… What do you think would be a good way out of this one?

  3. That's part of why the states are talking about claiming bk. I lost my job a year ago & because of the way they paid me, I didn't qualify for un-employment. I studied real estate online every day & found mentors at local meetings to work with to build a self sustaining income that's not as volatile as having a job. Is it easy? (as easy as most gurus selling their courses say), no way! I just never want to be at the whim of some boss when they suddenly decide to close shop.

    Jay von Mohr

  4. By the way Jay… who wouldn't want to live like Mr.Hefner? Nice tunes.

  5. Thnx Jason. One of my main goals with REI is to make enough to be able to finish my studio & finally record the other 50+ songs I haven't recorded yet. Btw, I work with a Joe Crump student in the SF bay area doing wholesale lease options. Maybe there's a way we can work together with you.

    Thanks again,


  6. I'd be open to working with you somehow Jay… I think there are a lot of different things we can work on together. Do you want to call me sometime?

  7. Absolutely. I just shot you an email with some info.

    Thanks again Jason,


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