June 28, 2017

10 California Private Money Portfolio Lending Scenarios… FUNDED – We Can Close When Your Lender Says NO.


bay area portfolio private lending


have a purchase go sideways on last minute?

need to get a real appraiser of your choice out there?

We are not HARD money!!!

Programs: We specializes in loans slightly outside the box, we are not always agency sellers so most of our loans represent agency fallout or turn down’s of some kind. Our goal is to be in every broker’s product mix so your loan officers can offer all products available in the market place.

We have 30 FR and 15 FR. 

CRUNCH TIME; when it really counts… 

  • FASTEST fundings in the industry!!! ( 1 week fundings)
  • Use of your own appraiser
  • Direct access to decision makers
  • Same day review on request
  • Draw docs SAME DAY as CLA.
  • Fund in 24 hours no BS…
  • Asset Based Lending when you can’t document income.

Scenarios to fundings with Jason Wheeler’s Portfolio Lender:

Put us in your “tool box” to get those challenging loans done…

  • Choose your own appraiser, 
  • close at lighting speed, and
  • get a file exception you need fast…

Here are 10 Recent Scenarios When We Funded and THEY Couldn’t

  1. Borrower recently received a raise but did not with an average as conforming requires. We will take new salary immediately…..Funded  

  2. Borrower was self employed and recently changed to a W-2 employee . Again we used the new salary for the new job to qualify…..  Funded 

  3. Property was 30 acre parcel and conventional lenders would not lend. We required 2 appraisals, but got it done for them…… Funded  

  4. YOUR appraiser!: HVCC appraiser failed to value a unique property and the broker needed to use an appraiser from that area to get a good appraisal….. Funded  

  5. Retired borrower with only 1 year of receipt of annuity income. Agency needs two years…..Funded  

  6. Loss carryover on taxes made the income a negative, we look for true cash flow and therefore were able to qualify….. Funded  

  7. Met all agency guidelines, but broker needed to close in 5 days. We actually funded on the 4th day of receiving the application…..  Funded 

  8. DTI a little HIGH: purchase 750 FICO strong borrower but limited income DTI upwards of 50.33%…Funded 

  9. 600K loan cash out to 70% LTV with a 680 fico. Agency required a 740 fico and capped the LTV at 65%…..Funded  Purchase of a second home where the borrower owned more than 4 financed properties…..Funded  SELF Employed Borrower:  Borrower is self-employed, but for less than 2 years…..  Funded   

  10. We still do condo to 95% below 417k…


Do you want to see more scenarios we closed on when the other guys couldn’t get it done? Click here and learn about pledged asset lending with asset based approvals.

Until Next time Here is to your success! Jason Wheeler 925-285-2172

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  1. Letty cuevas says:

    My scenario. I have about 660 fico , self employed, need to add back depreciation, 8 financed properties including princ res and comm loan, all have equity, no mortgage lates, need rate and term. ?

  2. Anytime Cam. Thank you for saying hello.

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